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General Knowledge Crossword


7Capital of North Dakota (8)
9-- Uprising, military conflict in Kenya between 1952 and 1960 (3,3)
10Rebekah and Isaac's older twin son (4)
11World's first industrial-scale nuclear power station in Sellafied; ceased production in 2003 (6,4)
12Central Indian city, site of Union Carbide gas escape that killed thousands of people in 1984 (6)
14Phippsia algida, low- growing plant found throughout the world's subarctic regions (3,5)
15Woven fabric invented by a Lancashire mill owner in the 19th century and now widely used in sportswear (6)
16Dog depicted sitting by a gramophone in painting by Francis Barraud that provided inspiration for the logo of several recording brands including HMV (6)
19Infection of the lymph nodes, also known as tuberculous adenitis (8)
21Subgenre of heavy metal music whose early exponents include Anthrax and Metallica (6)
23Pilgrimage city on the banks of the Bhima river in Solapur, India (10)
24Long bone in the forearm (4)
25City located on the Timor Sea, capital of Australia's Northern Territory (6)
26B29 bomber that dropped the atomic bomb on Hiroshima in 1945 (5,3)


1Pleasingly distasteful, applied to art, lifestyle and literature, from the German word for gaudy or trash (6)
2Spondias tuberosa, or Brazil plum (4)
3Martial artist and film star whose films include Fist of Fury and Enter the Dragon (5,3)
4Unit of electric current equivalent to one coulomb per second (6)
5Influential female American solo dramatic performer and diseuse in the first half of the 20th century whose sketches include The Italian Lesson (4,6)
6Family that is the subject of a series of six novels by Anthony Trollope, dramatised by the BBC in the 1970s (8)
8Overgrowth of scar tissue that develops around a wound (6)
13Government site in Wiltshire that opened in 1916 for testing chemical weapons and now an executive agency of the MOD (6,4)
15-- Eon, division of Precambrian time between the Hadean and Proterozoic Eons (8)
17Cooperative organisation based in Lyon to combat cross-border crime (8)
18Large blue-black and white corvid common in the UK (6)
2019th century French bibliophile and publisher who predicted in 1894 that the future of the book would involve authors speaking their words into recording devices (6)
22Set of rules and principles that govern the structure of sentences in a given language, particularly word order and punctuation (6)
24Codename for westernmost landing beach used in Operation Overlord in 1944 (4)